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Kadialy Kouyate is a Kora player and a musician who performs original music inspired by the West African griot repertoire. Born into the great line of Kouyate griots in Southern Senegal he has decided to travel far away from his homeland in order to share his traditional sound archive with the rest of the world. His mesmerising kora playing and singing style have been welcomed in many prestigious international venues as both a soloist and in different ensembles.

Upcoming Project: a duet collaboration between the Kora and the Venezuelan electric Harp.

A friendship was formed between him and a Venezuelan Harpist. Leonard Jacome. They met in 2008 at the 2nd international harp festival in Paraguay and became fond of each other's musical sensitivity. This led to a studio session of two songs back then that were featured in Leonard's first album entitled "Empirico". After six years of dreaming about a potential duet album, they finally got the opportunity to put there talent together in a one night stand of live recording of there Upcoming album.

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